Welcome to =7
A unique and satisfying Dice game!
Simply pair two dice to equal seven.


=7 is exclusively available on iOS devices and brings a satisfying and unique take on Dice-games to the App Store. This casual puzzle game combines dice rolls, platforms and simple mathematics to create a relaxing but entertaining progression-based arcade game.

=7 provides a no-pressure casual gaming environment, providing maximum accessibility for players to enjoy hundreds of auto-generated levels.

Dice have been used as the main mechanic of boardgames and card games for centries. Join us this National Dice Day (December 4th) and play with them in a whole new way!
Navigate simple menus, earn stars, unlock Dice collections and casually swipe through countless levels.
The "=7" game started out purely as conceptual artwork for a Dice-rolling Application. However the minimal art-style received a lot of positive feedback when 2D animation effects were developed, and our Studio's attention turned from a practical application and into an arcade-game mock-up.

Several ideas were brainstormed on creating a Dice-game that didn't yet exist, especially in the digital world. During an early-animations testing phase, we realised although only a small amount of Dice-matching games exist, none of them make use of the unique feature of dice where opposite sides equal 7.
Equals 7 was then born, and with an established art-style already under development, all that was needed was a clever algorithm to generate multiple ways to generate possible match-making mechanics for Dice.

Whilst still playing with the direction of the new Dice match-making game we had in early development, a small amount of market research was used and suggested a level-based game would be more beneficial to casual players and puzzle fans.

Once the unique algorithm was fine-tuned and the level UI's designed, they were all combined with our minimal 2D artwork, creating =7.

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