Welcome to MAZE BREAKER.
Break bricks and clear stages in this unique puzzler.
Classic controls and satisfying gameplay.


Maze Breaker is exclusively available on iOS devices, including iPhone & iPad running a minimum of iOS 9.0. This game combines classic brick-breaking mechanics with pinball and maze-style visuals, bringing refreshing and satisfying gameplay to your fingertips.

Maze Breaker offers casual level-based progression through hundreds of auto-generated stages.

The objective is to break through the maze, breaking every brick to clear the stage, whilst collecting stars and unleashing strikes to clear levels faster.

The game offers a lot of statistics along the way, including how many bricks have been broken, however Game Center has also been integrated so players can track their progression against friends.
Maze Breaker started as a concept for a maze-racing game, where players would try to destroy a maze in an attempt to stop the maze "runner" escaping the maze first.

The very first stage of development was crafting some maze examples for testing colour palettes. Because they looked so great from the beginning, these colours and many of the original game assets used during early development, were actually used in the final version of the game.

As development continued and mechanics started to be developed, the ultimate goal began to shift from a fast-paced challenge game (where you would be racing against an enemy) to a more casual, relaxing game that removed some of the pressure.

As a result, the role of the "runner" escaping the maze was changed and the brick-breaking became the primary objective.

The "Runner" now assists the player, and when hit unlocks a burst, or strike, that allows players to clear stages much faster, offering even more satisfying visuals to the game.

With Maze Breaker now more of a casual puzzler, new elements were added including auto-generated levels and unlockable customisation options that require stars/points to be earned through progression.
The final version of Maze Breaker is now a relaxing, but some-what challenging brick-breaking puzzler with levels that can be cleared in seconds. This allows players to play as much or as little as they like.

Despite being a premium game, a Store was included to allow optional extras should players wish to progress even faster, or enjoy more "strikes" than what are available by default.
It's beneficial to offer additional features like this, for players that may want to reduce the challenge of the game, or unlock things faster. However it's extremely important to allow players to progress and enjoy every aspect of the game, without having to make these purchases.

For this reason, any in-app purchases are 100% optional and are NOT required to play, or to win, but are available for those who may want them, or who wish to support the developer further.

Maze Breaker is coming to App Store on July 12th 2022.

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