Welcome to Swipey Maze.
A smooth and satisfying experience.
Simply find the key to unlock the block and escape the maze or master each maze by collecting all 3 stars first!

Exclusively available on iOS, Swipey Maze combines the hyper-casual aesthetics of modern arcade games with the well-know gesture mechanics of smartphones, creating a satisfying sense of achievement as you progress through each level.

Simply swipe in the desired direction and navigate all-new mazes.
Locate the key to unlock the block and find an exit.
Avoid walls and aim to collect additional stars if mastering each level is your thing.
With over 45 levels, how many mazes will you escape?
Swipey Maze originally started out as a sequel to Snake Maze, a minimal maze game released over the Holidays in 2018 which accumulated over 15,000 pre-orders, 35,000 current players on the App Store and reaching Number 82 in the charts.
The idea was to bring even more content to fans of mazes whilst adjusting the next wave of levels based on real-user feedback.

After the initial mazes had been designed, new concept art and UI navigation was being developed based on this feedback, by which point a brand new look was created.
With mechanical adjustments, a new reward system, new levels and a whole new look, it was decided that this new content would be released as Swipey Maze so to not replace the simplicity that Snake Maze players love, but to create a brand new experience for the Hyper-Casual audience.

A slightly different art direction was chosen for the icon of Swipey Maze, with the aim of highlighting the Hyper-Casual connection.

Swipey Maze is a beautiful new maze game and we know you will enjoy playing it.
Indie Games Studio, England.
© 2018, Aaro Arts.